How a transfer works: if you have a medication on file at your pharmacy back home and there are still refills, then you can ask us to contact your pharmacy and we ask them to send your information. Once that has been faxed to us, we prepare your medication.

There is no given time limit on how quickly the information will be sent, there are various reasons why it can be delayed such as your pharmacy being busy, too many faxes receiving at the same time, etc.

To check on progress of transfer, please call the pharmacy. We will not be informing you if your medication is ready, we would only contact you if there is an issue with the request.

Please provide at least 1-2 business days for your transfer to be processed before picking up your prescription.

Please note: If you want your medication transferred out of the pharmacy (to your hometown, etc). DO NOT FILL THIS FORM. Inform your new pharmacy to contact us.