Emergency Contraception at The Prescription Shop

We were recently informed by a patient of excessive pricing at shoppers drug mart regarding emergency contraception (the morning after pill) We phoned both SDM and Rexall to check, and here’s what we found out:

Our price: $17.99       SDM: $36.99     Rexall: $40.00

Why do the chain drug stores take advantage of this emergency situation to take profits?

Because they can.

In our view, using the situation of a vulnerable patient as an opportunity to profit  is an unethical practice. Please support ethical health care providers, and share this information with anyone you feel may be at risk of being impacted.

Brian Stowe, Pharmacist and Owner of The Prescription Shop

About the pharmacy: The Prescription Shop is an independently owned pharmacy and travel clinic at Carleton University. Under the ownership of Brian Stowe, the pharmacy focuses on providing a professional and caring atmosphere for patients. Staff at the pharmacy enjoy a collaborative environment with the university health services staff and other departments of the university. The pharmacy also serves as a practice site for pharmacy innovation and research. Since 2002 The Prescription Shop has operated a travel clinic in the pharmacy, utilizing a medical directive to provide the ability to prescribe medications and vaccines to patients.

Owner and pharmacist, Brian Stowe, is co-author of two research articles: Travel medicine: What’s involved? When to refer? Canadian family physician, December 2014 Planning New Pharmacist Services that Last: The Prescription Shop’s Travel Medicine Clinic CPJ 2009   Please direct responses to Brian Stowe at: