About Us


Welcome to our pharmacy!

The sign above our dispensary reads: “Advice, Prescriptions, Care”.

It reflects our commitment to caring for the health needs of students and staff of the Carleton University community.

The Prescription Shop is an independently owned pharmacy. As the owner and a health care professional, I feel this gives me the control and flexibility I need to support the goal of providing high quality advice and care to all patients who wish to make use of our clinic. It’s worth noting that we are the only independently owned pharmacy in our community (Glebe, Old Ottawa South).

As part of our ongoing efforts to tailor our services to meet the needs of students here at Carleton, our staff has developed skills to advise and assist students on the types of health care issues they commonly face.

Over the years we have developed services in response to the needs of students.

One example is our travel health clinic. This provides students and staff with the opportunity to arrange a pre-travel appointment to assess their risks and vaccination needs for international travel. As part of our operation as a travel health clinic, our pharmacy is also a designated yellow fever vaccination centre.

For more information on accessing our travel clinic services click on the tab above, or on the “travel appointment button” to make an appointment.

I am also pleased to inform you of our new membership in the Pharmachoice co-op group.

Pharmachoice is a buying group cooperative owned by independent pharmacy owners. It enables small pharmacies like The Prescription Shop to sell our health care products at prices that meet or beat those of large chain stores.

Our partnership with Pharmachoice has given us the opportunity to introduce a new line of house-brand products, called Option plus.

You will find the prices of our Option plus products to be less expensive than house brands offered by large chain stores.

You will also find a good selection of small size packaging.

Small size packaging of house brand products is rarely offered in large chain stores for a simple reason. One goal of the large chain stores is to ensure that every customer spends a minimum amount of money with every visit, regardless of what product they purchase.

This is an example of how operating an independently owned pharmacy provides me with the flexibility to offer health care in small packages.

A number of our cold remedy medications are priced at less than $5.

I hope this introduction to The Prescription Shop causes you to drop by to visit our pharmacy.

We are easy to find, located on the first floor of the CTTC building.

Once you’ve found our pharmacy you will have found our staff, since there are no cosmetics displays or food aisles to block your path to our dispensary.

Our staff members are here to provide you with the advice and care you need for your health care needs.

We look forward to seeing you!


Brian Stowe,

BSc. Pharmacy, M.B.A.

Certificate in Travel Health (ISTM)

Pharmacist and Owner

The Prescription Shop