The Prescription Shop operation plan to ensure safe provision of care to our patients:

Our pharmacy is dedicated to the health of the Carleton community. 

Because our focus is on health care, we don’t sell groceries and other non-health items. 

For this reason, our patients can expect lower customer traffic at our pharmacy than at large corporate run pharmacies. Lower traffic helps reduce the risk of virus transmission.

  1. Physical distancing by:
  • Limiting the number of patients in the pharmacy
  • Organizing seating with 6-foot separation, and expanded to common areas outside pharmacy
  1. Transmission barriers
  • Plexiglass barriers to prevent virus transmission between patients and staff
  • Require masks for any patients with respiratory symptoms
  1. Regular disinfecting of counter tops and other areas
  2. Touchless “tap” payment
  3. Online ordering system for refills (at the Pharmachoice app), and notification when ready for pickup
  4. Online orders of prescription transfers (at with notification when ready.

The overriding purpose of our pharmacy is to support the health care needs of our university community. Our staff have a strong understanding of the health issues faced by students, and a depth of knowledge and experience to draw on to support them during their studies at Carleton.

Our close relationship with Carleton Health Services supports us in providing a smooth and efficient health care experience for students.

Whether your questions are about illness, insurance or other health issues, our staff have the knowledge to support you.

Welcome to Carleton University.

We look forward to seeing you!

The Prescription Shop