Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still use OHIP+ if I’m a full time student?

Unfortunately, you cannot. With the new regulations OHIP+ has enforced in April, if you have any private insurance then you cannot use your health card. If you are a full time student, you are automatically enrolled into the CUSA or GSA medication coverage and that would considered as private insurance.

Can I opt-out of my school insurance and use OHIP+?

You do not have the option of opting out of your school insurance just for OHIP+ coverage.

Can I use my school insurance now but then opt-out later because I have parental coverage?

If you were to use your school insurance, then you will not be able to opt-out of the insurance later.

Can I combine more than one insurance for my medications?

Yes, we can use multiple insurance coverage at once.

Why is there a wait time for my medication?

Although you cannot see behind the counter, the pharmacy team usually has multiple prescriptions being prepared. We give you an estimated wait time to make sure all prescriptions ahead of you have been completed based on our first come first serve basis. Wait times can differ but we try to keep it as accurate as possible.

Why do I have to use the online form to submit a transfer request?

The form has been created as a way to keep track of every patient’s transfer request. That way every thing is organized and no patient is forgotten. Even if you’ve transferred something before, it’s best to re-do the form so we have all your up-to-date information.

Why am I only receiving a one month supply?

With everything happening right now with COVID-19, we want to ensure that every patient has at least one month of medication without running into any shortages.